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Full Of BS

Everything and Anything Blake Shelton

Full Of BS - Everything & Anything Blake Shelton
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A place for BSers (Blake Shelton fans) to discuss everything about our favorite country singer.
Full of BS is a fan group for BSers...fans of country singer and "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton. We discuss everything and anything pertaining to Blake, along with sharing articles, links, and other fun ways to enjoy our fandom! We're also opening a tumblr to make sharing pictures and videos easier, though you are welcome to post them here as well. To make everyone's stay great, there's a few rules of the road.

1. No Blake bashing. When we say 'everything and anything' it does not mean a free for all of rudeness. If you don't like Blake, don't join. SO SIMPLE.

2. No Miranda bashing. I especially do not want to hear about her weight, or her looks in general. Blake loves her at all sizes and every size and so do we. If you don't like her, you don't need to discuss her. And if you do need to discuss why you don't like her, keep it respectful.

3. While we can discuss the tabloid stories about Blake and Blake and Miranda, I do not want to see us do the work for them and turn this place into a rumor mill. Again, there's a difference between discussing respectfully and slander.

4. "The Voice" spoilers are not allowed. Please do not post about the results on the results show until after midnight the day the episode was originally aired. We are not all on the same time zone and most of us like to be surprised.

5. We DO NOT fileshare Blake's music. Posting a link to a youtube video where someone can hear a song is one thing, posting a link to a place where someone can download it for free is another. Let's show BSers believe in supporting Blake by buying his music.

6. If you post pictures, please do an LJ cut after the first two if there's more. The same if you post multiple videos. (Or post them on our tumblr! fullofshelton.tumblr.com )

7. Fan Fiction is a sticky topic when it concerns real people. Despite my own feelings about the subject, I will allow it. Please clearly label it as fan fiction including a rating and possible trigger warnings and have the text of the story under an LJ cut so those who don't like RPF Fic can easily avoid it.

8. The general rule of the group is 'Do Onto Others'....I am not going to try to regulate what people say and do in this group (outside of the few guidelines above, of course :) ) but if you are harrasing other members, then I am going to step in and be the moderator. Please do not make me step in and be the moderator.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me (maryannespen) or send me an email at maryannespen@gmail.com

Currently I'm looking for a second moderator, so please feel free to volunteer if you think you'd like to do it! No experience necessary, and it's not going to be a time demanding gig, so perfect for the first timer. I'd be happy to show you the ropes. :)

Sister Tumblr Site: fullofshelton.tumblr.com